Sunday, January 31, 2010


This Saturday, I went on an OPERS (Office of Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports) trip to Castle Rock to go rock climbing. There were two awesome guides who really knew what they were doing - they gave us shoes, ropes, and helmets, set up the ropes, gave us a belaying lesson, and off we went! Climbing this huge rock overlooking a forest blanketed in fog.

Goathead Rock in Castle Rock Park, California

Freefallin' is fun!

Climbing shoes are pretty.

The hardest part of the climb. The idea was to hang from the ledge where my right hand is and pull yourself up to the upper cave.

A huge part of climbing is mental. You really need to trust yourself (and your belay buddy!) to get anywhere.

To see more pictures of the climbing trip click here

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  1. your pictures are amazing! I'm so very glad to see that you're having an awesome time in SC! :D