Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kids of UCDC!

The UCDC Center, located on Rhode Island Avenue, is conveniently located just 4 blocks from the White House! It's about a mile walk to the Mall, I would estimate. I live on the fifth floor.

Here's all the Santa Cruz kids in the UCDC program posed in front of the White House. Notice there are only two guys... hahaha.

Roommates! Kelly, Natalie, Katie, and Me.

Washington Monument, taken on a walk my first night here.


  1. YAY AMBER!!! I love the washington monument pic!!!

  2. Hey Ambo!

    Having utterly failed to visit your blogspot for a while, I found awaiting me a treasure trove of goodies in several different geographical venues, from your homefront mailbox to Washington, DC, with Berkeley and San Francisco part of the mix. All of the photos were excellent, including those in which you appeared. Now I know what the UCDC building looks like. I recommend a tour inside the White House. Probably you will find it necessary to climb the stairs in the Washington Monument. (I never did). There are so many wonders awaiting you in DC. Maybe Nancy Pelosi will pick you when you raise your hand to ask a question. Better have one ready, just in case. You could ask her what her views are on spending for war vs. education (just a suggestion). Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures via your blogspot. Love from Grandad