Friday, September 3, 2010

Hawaii: One Week


  • black sand melts underfoot, until it remembers that it is sand, in fact, and cannot consume your entire foot.
  • a tree, lonely and leafless, stretches out of the sand, standing on its tip-toe roots, a sprawling foundation
  • a root dangles down the cliff, begging to be climbed. I watch a man climb it, long hair swaying behind him, and decide I can do it. Minus shoes, I grab the root and walk up the cliff, leaning back and supporting myself with my arms and shoulders. I pause to turn and look at the ocean, dark bluegreen and waving, and the naked butts on the beach smiling sideways. I continue up and reach the top. Tip-toe across sharp lava pieces, say aloha to three dreadlocked dudes, and meander down the rocky path back back to a relieved sis and aunt.
  • the flowers! plumerias, white with a gleeful yellow gradient, deep pink with while, orange, yellow, purple... and they smell like a perfect Hawaiian summer.
  • living in a high-ceilinged one-room house, matresses and pillows comfortable on the floor, a perpetual sleepover.
  • lizards creeping about, at first surprised us on the window screen, but now our indoor/outdoor pets, as Jeni says.
  • Puna, the sad-eyed basset hound, always longing for a belly-rub


  1. yay! where are pictures?? Sounds like you are having a good time, cant wait to read more!say hi to the geckos for me, i miss them. I want some pictures of the black sand beach! Maybe minus the young penises though.

  2. Amber you rock, thanks for sharing this, i read it in lech, austria. i am so glad you and your sister can travel together, it makes me proud i taught you well. love you so much, good luck starting school soon, see you in a month, love from your dad, waiting for bus to go to a lake to walk to a hut, then tomorrow i walk back down to test my ankle, then a train to chur switzerland where we stayed in a youth hostel on our austria car trip years ago... i have a reservation on the glacier express say hi to kim