Sunday, October 10, 2010

Protesting Tuition Hikes

Zombies paraded the streets and disrupted classrooms to spread information about the possibility of ANOTHER tuition hike. Here's a link to the City on a Hill Press story.

This is my zombie TA making a speech. A true activist, Brian represents the graduate students and travels to LA to the Board of Regent's meetings to voice his opinions.

Bike-powered microphone! Cool!

Faculty hosted a symbolic pie-eating contest, with The Regents (like the cook in the picture) giving big $$$ pies to "Executive Compensation" and "Yudof's Housing Budget" and little tiny ones to "Teaching Budget" and "Language Instructors."

Pie eating contest in action.

Another zombie with a clever sign: "I like my brains fully develluped"

There was also an article in the Sentinel about it.

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