Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cozy Nook

Here's Mark's place at Cosy Nook!

He is one of 2 occupants at Cozy Nook, there's his house!

 Rocks on the beach

He had a guitar too!

Old abandoned boat

His very cozy, quaint 1-room house!


  1. Wow cool pics Ambee! Have James take some pics of you! I miss you! Love you! Beautiful!

  2. where is this house? I'll look up cozy nook! think of yourself living in a one room house on an island?

  3. cool amber very cool love from the crazy goldminer, love to catch up with you again cool pics dont work to hard james, the government will want you to stay and show us kiwis how to work love to you both you made my week and i think of you from time to time