Saturday, April 21, 2012

Riverton Farm

 We met this family hitchhiking and they invited us over for a weekend. We stayed with them and helped them put up a chicken coop and played with their kids and animals. I loved them and their beautiful 10-acre Riverton farm so much we came back a month later after our Stewart Island trek. 

Honey the very sweet but fat cow

 Riding Diego the pony in the front yard with the two dogs Singer and Mochi

 Sage and Willow riding Diego the pony next to mom Kristy

 Chopping the firewood


I learned how to do it too! It's fun!

The family with their new pony is so picturesque I couldn't help but take tons of photos


Willow trying on my hiking boots

What a cutie!

Now I can milk a goat! 

I loved all the animals

 Sage and Honey

We helped Jesse put up his new ceiling after he stuffed it with cotton candy! I mean insulation.

Here's the after picture! Oh yeah.


  1. Awesome pictures Ambee! What a cute family! Looks like you are having a blast.

  2. thanks for sharing amber, its nice to see because it's hard to imagine what you are doing from afar. What a great farm, different lifestyle than west los angeles where i grew up. Cute kids with animal photos! Besides learning about organic farming, goat milking and child rearing, you are becoming a construction trades person too! It's all good Amber, keep it up and keep sharing with us, your fans, family and loved ones from ADA