Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Capitol

So far, I have been on two tours of the Capitol. One was a constituent tour set up online through Diane Feinstein's office with about 30 other people.
The other was a private tour with one of my co-workers at Mr. Yogatos who also works full-time for a Florida House member. He took me to the floor of the House of Representatives, which was awesome!!!
Most people just get to sit up top at the viewing section to look down. But they are very strict about no photography. :)

Isn't it preeetttyy?

This room is called "The Crypt."
George Washington was supposed to be buried in the middle of this room one floor down but his family declined the offer. He rests at his home in Mount Vernon. The center of this room is also the center of Washington DC (theoretically) and if he had been buried here, his spirit would have been carried up to...

The top of the dome, where the 13 angels, representing the 13 colonies, are waiting to welcome him to heaven.

Like the Library of Congress, all of the frescoes and sculptures are super symbolic. I could probably write a term paper on one piece of art in the Capitol.

The neccessary "me in front of Capitol" photo.

The other neccessary "no people obstructing view of awesome Capitol" photo.

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