Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is definitly one of my favorite places in DC. I went on a constituent tour and was so excited I went across the street right afterwards to pick up my readers card! Now I can get into the super awesome readers room. I would put my own picture of it but there is no photography allowed! I went into the main reading room to study the other day, it's so amazing! They store books in 2 other buildings. They have more books than any other library in the world. You can't check them out, but if you're in the library, you request a book with a librarian and they can send it to you through an underground tunnel!

This mosaic portrays Minerva/Athena, goddess of Wisdom, War, and Defense. Up these stairs and around the corner, you can look down at the main reading room. That room was featured in "National Treasure" and a bunch of other movies.

Isn't it beautiful? Every little statue and painting has some sort of symbolic significance. Like the little cherubs on the stairwell represent all the different realms of learning. One is painting, another reading a book, another planting some plants, etc...
I will definitly be back here to take more pictures.
I've already been here 3 times, and hopefully many many more!

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