Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Joy and I spent 5 hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. It's an epic museum, two stories and the length of a city block. So much to see! We stopped to sketched, took our time, and still managed to see most of the museum.

There was a special exhibit on Picasso. This is one of his sketches.

Another Picasso

Guess who? Any guesses? Gina?

The museum terrace has a great view of the city!

The terrace also has an outdoor exhibition that changes periodically.

We have a poster of this Renoir painting in our SB kitchen! It reminds me of my sister. :)

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  1. Amber! Dad mom and I seriously saw the same painting by Renoir of the two sisters playing the piano! haha, there must be more than one, or they shipped it to NY! I love that painting!