Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yale Architecture

I spent part of this magical weekend afternoon lounging in a hammock in a courtyard, watching the light change, reading Raymond Carver stories. I love visiting my friends at college! I get a feel for what their lives are like, so when I think of them I can place them in a physical location in my mind.

Nattie has this picture too! It's in the Engineering Library.

The Green Room at Sterling Library

Joy strikes a pose in front of Sterling Library.

Like Santa Cruz, and many other colleges around the country, Yale is comprised of small residential colleges. Joy lives in Jonathan Edwards college - remember his famous speech, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?


  1. Thank you! I've never been to Yale, and appreciate the views. We too like to visit our children/grandchildren at college so we can relate to their lives. - Love, Grandma Joyce

  2. Awesome copy cat pic! It was kinda weird seeing it haha, the library pic is muy bonita!

  3. wow all your pics are amazing, ambo!! they make me happy like i'm kinda experiencing a little bit of what you are :] hehe i'm finally up to date on your blog yaaaay