Saturday, September 3, 2011

East Cape Lighthouse

We hiked up the 600 steps around 4pm when the sun was shining bright. 

No one else was there!

East Island

Here you can see the lighthouse on the right and the East Island on the left.

We loved it so much we came back twelve hours later to watch the sunrise. We didn't have a clock but it must have been 4am when we climbed the steps. We watched the night sky with the clearest stars for about an hour before the moon rose, a glowing orange orb with a tiny bright white smile. I was kind of delirious and thought it was a space ship. We must have watched the moon for at least 30 minutes before the sky started to change, subtle gradients of blue and orange . . . and the sun rose. The new moon disappeared.

It was cold so early in the morning!

The view toward the mountains

Towards the coast

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