Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Awesomely Average Day

My new life as a Kiwi! (That's what they call people from New Zealand)
The house we're staying in
It's great!
Beach right down the street
Oh yeah.
You can see Rangitoto!

Slacklining while staring at the ocean: my new favourite hobby.

Watching rugby practice at night. Kiwi's are way into it.

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  1. Amber Love this blog! keep it up, without being a slave to it! we did good: now carry on the tradition and go have some fun and see the world now, while you can! that's what grand pa Jim McCoy would tell you too. we got your postcard yesterday of Devonport, that was great to see where you are on the island with all the spots marked! The beach town with victorian architecture is just lovely. No serious! Your DNA has been shaped by this area so you may feel a kinship. Did you check out Well, life is normal and boring here so you might as well keep looking around the world for now and keep checking in with us via this blog OK? Love your DAD