Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We went on a day trip to a dormant volcano, the island of Rangitoto. It reminded me of Santa Cruz Island in that there are no cars allowed, just walking! We rode our bikes to the Devonport Ferry Terminal, about a 10 minute ride, and caught the 9:25 ferry to Rangitoto.

Hikin' alongside lava rocks

A change of scenery

Pretty light in the morning

Local birds

At the top of the volcano!

Inside the lava caves!


View from the top of the volcano, about a 2 hour trek. You can see Devonport in the foreground. The grassy hill on the very left is North Head, another volcano (all these islands are volcanoes!) which you can hike up from our backyard. You can see Auckland and the sky tower behind Devonport.

View of Auckalnd from inside a war bunker. These small concrete rooms are everywhere.

View of the Rangitoto Lighthouse with the city of Takapuna behind it. We ride our bikes to the farmers market in Takapuna on Sundays. And its a really fun word to say! Try it a few times. Takapuna. Takapuna. Takapuna.


  1. How do you New Zealand looks wonderful!

  2. My comment was "How do you say RAngitoto?" and "New Zealand looks wonderful!

  3. haha takapuna has come up a couple times. =D