Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Milford Sound Boat Ride

We woke up our second day in Milford Sound to beautiful sunny weather, something rare because it rains 300 days a year there. Even though we had already been on a kayaking trip I decided to splurge and do the boat trip too - who knows the next time I'll be here? It was so worth it.

Milford Sound is the home of the highest sea cliff in the world.

This U-shaped valley shows where the glacier carved out the mountains.

We were on a little boat just like that red one. This is Lady Bowen Falls, one of the two permanent waterfalls in Milford Sound. At 161 meters high, it is three times as high as Niagara falls. There is a pipe hooked up at the top which provides water for people in Milford (which is 1 hotel and 1 backpackers).

Besides the two permanent ones, after it rains there are hundreds of smaller ones. The boats take you right up to the base of the waterfalls!

The boats take you all the way through the fiord and out to sea, where you can see birds and dolphins and seals.

What the fiord looks like from the outside. Who would have guessed that it stretches inland for 15 kilometers?

Seals lounging on the rocks

James summits one of the mountains.

Another view of Lady Bowen Falls. We got to kayak right up to this one a few days ago!

What a nice trip. I definitly reccommend taking a boat ride in Milford Sound .

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  1. Hey I have that pink jacket now Wow..It has traveled far!