Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mout Aspiring

We spent a few days at Mount Aspiring National Park which is just outside of Wanaka. Drive down a gravel road for an hour and you end up at the trailhead to the famous Rob Roy Glacier hike and dozens of other hikes.

Notice the bag of plums hanging from the backpack. They was a tree at the campground we were staying it, so we put some in a bag and put them in our oatmeal the next morning.

We hiked in to a campsite 3 hours in, past the first hut, and left our packs in our tent the next day and did a steep day hike up to Liverpool Hut, where we saw mountain climbers starting their climbs with their crampons.

Mount Aspiring Hut, the first hut in the valley, $25 per night in peak season. In every mountain hut there is a book where trampers write their intentions so the Department of Conservation knows where to look if someone goes missing. There is also usually a book with the history of that particular hut which is always interesting. This one, located 10K from the parking lot, took a few years and a few hundred volunteers (mostly young students) to cart all the materials and put it together.

James was stoked.

Self-timer again. It was really hot!


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