Thursday, July 26, 2012

Temple Day 4!

Even though I had already been to the Angkor temples three times before, I decided to go again with my new Israeli friends Rona and Sharon We woke up at 4am to get there for the sunrise and stayed all day until about 6pm. I could go back ten more times and still not be bored; its that kind of a place. There are hundreds of temples to see and explore. Each time, depending on the people I was with, or when I was by myself with a $1 rental bike, I had a completely unique experience.

Rona in the early morning hours

Sharon at Angkor Wat

Me at Angkor Wat. I think this was one of the bathouses where monks used to do some ritual? Not really sure.

Auto timer picture of the three of us

This (very cute) Cambodian guy was selling his original watercolor paintings. We had a nice chat with him, and Sharon bought two of his paintings. Most of the people selling stuff are happy to stop to talk to you even if you don't buy anything; they all speak English very well and are happy to answer any questions you have about the culture or history.

Ta Prohm, where the restoration team left some of the trees, which are probably helping to support the structures but destroying them at the same time.

Ta Prohm

We rented a tuktuk for the day, about $7 each. Picked us up at 5am and dropped us off at 8pm... very nice guy. We gave him a good tip.

Water buffalo

Fresh coconut! Mmmm, drink the milk and then they'll open it up for you with a machete and you can scoop the flesh out with a spoon. Makes me think of Jeni Reiko.

Another thing I love about Cambodia is playing with the kids. At first they try to sell you postcards ("One dollar! Ten postcards! One two three four five... " ), but once you start doing the hokey pokey or the macerena they become normal kids again and end up wanting to play with you. They taught us this really cool game that's like rock paper scissors but with a board that is drawn in the dirt.

The famous tree from "Tomb Raider"

Had to take this picture... had to do it...

And this one. It's mandatory.

Towards the end of the day. 

Sunset time at Angkor Wat one last time... hope to be back someday!


  1. amber thanks for posting these
    you have been 3 times there it looks amazing
    meeting new people and seeing new things
    brandon and mom were just at disneyland
    enjoy and be safe in hanoi
    love dad

  2. Ang Kor Say What?