Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bowling bonanza

Some good moments from today:

I arranged a surprise field trip to Zodos Bowling Ally and Arcade. They have been obsessing over Zodos for days - ("Amber, when are we going to Zodos? Amber!!!" ) I now have an "I dont answer questions about future field trips" policy. Anyway, we load up into the van, and as we pass various hotels and gas stations, I would joke, "We're going... to the gas station! Yay!" Or "We're going... to Motel 6! Woohoo!" They were bursting with excitement, and when they saw the sign for Zodos they all screamed.

I told them how proud I am for all of their hard work. We have a new computer program called Reading Plus that they do in the mornings, and they have been writing articles for our future blog for our service learning project. This trip was purely a reward!

They surrounded me with a big group hug and chimed "You're the best leader ever!!!" They were so happy at the bowling ally. We got a good deal for shoes and lanes (I have a small budget for the summer.)

I gave a prize to one kid who had NEVER been bowling before but got the highest score out of anyone! He scored 131 (with bumpers).

Afterward we went to the arcade and I gave them each 5 tokens. Most of the boys spent theirs almost immediately, but a lot of the girls saved up their coins and used them strategically on the games that give out the most tickets. Then they had more tickets to spend on prizes! You go girls!

A great day at Fun in the Sun!


  1. You are entertaining the kids but more importantly you are mentoring them, good job Amber.

  2. Amber, it seems like you're truly making an impression in the lives of these students! I have a strong feeling that says you're going to grow up to be one of those mentor figures that younger people really admire and love (like KIM!)

  3. Amber you are AMAZING! I am so proud of you! We share the same genes! YES!

  4. Hello Amber,

    I loved the story of the trip to Zodo's. Forget you plans for going into geriatrics. You have a way with kids.

    Love from RWY