Monday, June 21, 2010

Kim graduates from UCLA!

Proud mom!

Ceremonial flags for John Wooden.

I snuck on to the field to take these close up ones during the ceremony...

Grandad took us to a fancy restaurant with an indoor stream

And then Kim and I cruised Beverly Hills.

Kim with her co-RA (residential adviser)

Pre-grad excitement!


  1. Hello Amber!

    Sorry to be so slow to respond to your latest blog entries. Hunting through my email inbox today I found a message with the subject line "Thesis done: Happy Christopher" which was addressed to Christopher Young, but turned out to have the message "Check out the pictures of Kimber's Graduation"!

    So I checked them out and found pictures from BOTH of Kimber's graduations plus Lindsey's graduation, Lindsey's peripatetic parents, and even a couple photos with my face in them. I definitely have been too wrapped up in my own project (making a very small package, indeed), and I promise to drop in much more frequently on your well-maintained and beautifully illustrated Blogspot.

    I was very interested to learn how different your summer job is this year, despite being at the same place. When your Dad told me you'd had a week's training, I was puzzled, since you had no training at all last year, but now I get it. It's a whole new ballgame!

    Keep on Blogging and I will be a more faithful Bloggerino groupster.

    Love from Grandad