Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kim's Grad Party

Baby Ajala

What did the UCLA college graduate request for party entertainment?
A bouncehouse, of course!

Kim with Desa Mandarino, 9th grade English teacher

Family from across the board!


  1. Hello Amber!

    I loved the new pictures on your bountiful blogspot. The graduation party for Kim at your house was clearly a delightful family affair. I wonder if Kim took off her graduation cap in the Bouncie House. I liked seeing all the family members who attended. Brandon is getting BIG! It looked like you had perfect weather for the Shoreline Park Father's Day party. Thanks for sharing!

    Love from Grandad

  2. In that first picture, is that what you look like without your frisbee hat?

  3. Joyous to know about this graduation party. I am planning to arrange my cousin’s bachelor party and in search of a lovely LA venue. Hope to find inexpensive and right venue for this event and going to hire DJ service to have a grand dance party.