Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun in the Sun: Week 1

This week I've been in training for Fun in the Sun (FITs). Its a summer program sponsored by Girls Inc and United Way for underprivileged kids in Santa Barbara. I did the program last summer, but this summer we received a different grant and the program is VASTLY different.

The main difference is that our grant this year is centered on 6-9th grade (last year I worked primarily with 4th grade boys) and focuses on service learning. The kids will plan, organize, and participate in a community project. The details of the grant require that our project be about the environment and/or disaster relief. Through the project, the kids will be learning by doing.

If the kids complete 100 hours of service learning, they receive a $500 college scholarship! And that's not restricted to a 4-year, it can be any vocational school, massage school, beauty school, or veterinarian school - any type of college program they want.

So now its my job to help my group of 13 teenagers think of/complete a fun project that will fulfill the requirements of the service learning grant!

I want to do some kind of newspaper, maybe with articles about how to better the environment. We'll go out into the community (we're going to volunteer at the Solstice Workshop on Tuesday!) and they can report on it.

I've been asking my friends and family for help, and here are some of our ideas:
  • paint over graffiti
  • spray paint storm drains
  • pick up trash at the beach
  • make educational youtube videos
  • educational, environment newspaper
  • with cartoons, articles, pictures, opinions, etc

Also, I can take them on a field trip every Wednesday. Here are some ideas:
  • Solstice Workshop
  • Teen Center
  • Beach
  • Santa Barbara Independent
  • Santa Barbara Daily Sound

If you have any ideas, let me know! Were trying to focus on the environment or disaster relief. Thanks!

Here are some of my campers from last summer!

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