Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Catba Island

Getting caught up with my pictures here. 
Just to clarify, now I'm in Taiwan. These are from a few weeks ago in Vietnam.

I split from Nico and Tessa for a few days to go on a rock climbing trip on Catba Island, its famous here! 

Cliffs jutting out of the crystal-clear water...

Pretty impressive scenery!

I went with an Australian-run company on one of their day trips, kayaking in the morning and rock climbing in the afternoon. It was great. Shirtless guy is one of the guides, who all looked like models.

Took this from in the kayak

My kayak buddy was a 19-year-old British girl on a month-long vacation with 2 other friends. 

Didn't take my camera out for the rock climbing part because it was raining! They had 4 different top-rope routes set up on a beach, I tried all of them and was able to do 3 out of the 4. The last one had an overhang and was pretty advanced... at least I tried!

 Here are the pictures from their website where we went climbing.

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