Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sapa, Vietnam

Rice fields


Nico and Tessa, my travel buddies through Vietnam!


View from our hotel window! Only $12 per night for all of us!


Early morning by the window


On our hike to the village. Sapa is extremely touristy but still a fun place to walk around.


Kitty on shoes!

Tessa loves the cat


Tessa bought some headbands from these ladies. Everything is handmade, stitch by stitch.


  1. Amber these are the first photos of Vietnam Ive ever seen without tanks, bombs and guns. Thanks for changing my perspective! And I cant wait to read your Travelogue Novella Comic. XOXO :-)

  2. I loved the rice field shot AY! Also the local arts and craft pictures are interesting, showing a little culture, also liked the 'friends of amber' photos. Keep em coming, but glad you are not being a slave to your blog. At first I was not sure what country sapa was. Because I know you are in Taiwan now. Duh: Wow you were way off the beaten path, compared to us hicks in California! Love You!!!!!!
    :-) :-O