Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Santa Barbara Frisbee Tournament

The UCSB fields

The whole team

Singing for the other teams

Was a blast. There's a video of it on my dad's facebook if you're friends with him.

One of our coaches drinking pickle juice straight from the jar.

This last one is from this awesome website freeheelimages. Check out my captain Juke diving for a frisbee. It's pretty awesome.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Camera to Campus

The other day I decided to bring my camera up to campus, just because I only have two quarters left here and I want to document this magical place. I love the Santa Cruz campus so much.

The Quarry, behind the bookstore.

Walk for 3 minutes and you are in front of the Student Union and this cool rock that I like to climb.

Here's the view from Cowell college, another 3 minutes away.

Stevenson Coffee shop is just another 3 minutes away. I do most of my tutoring here.


This is up on Science Hill. I love how the trees are nestled right next to the concrete buildings.

Classy Breakfast

With my amazing friends. Right to left: Roommate Nancy, frisbee teammate Christina aka Speedy, housemate Justine.

Classy breakfast! Chocolate banana pancakes, scrambled eggs with shallots, and a smoothie!


We're super mature, as you can tell. Lol.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wilcox at Dusk with Tessa

Here you may walk in peace.
Here you may walk in time and history.
Here you may experience an ancient beauty.
Here the community said yes,
this place is our to preserve,
this precious wind of trails through the native plants.
Here you may lose yourself in oak and cypress
bend to wildflower and lift to the song of ocean breeze
through pine. Here you may watch the sun ease down
over the horizon and at night feel the brush of owl wings.
Through the people of Santa Barbara's generous spirit
and ability to prevail, here you may find yourself.

Family Trip: The End.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Trip: Downtown SLO

SLO is adorable. See the river?

This was at the Mission. It was cool because you could see the layers of development.

Gum wall! EWWWW. EWWWW.

Cutest dogs ever

Family Trip: Mom's Portrait of Me