Monday, February 21, 2011

Leviathan Production Weekend

Presidents Day Weekend was Production Weekend at for the Leviathan, the UCSC Jewish Journal. I am the art director. We spent almost all waking hours in the press center. We would work (I would mostly illustrate and edit articles) for a few hours and then take a break. The breaks were the best part: jam sessions with two guitars and a flute (Aaron had a harmonica too!), walks in the field to chase deer and admire the scenery, and of course the mandatory dance breaks. I love all of these people so much, especially Alexandria, Shani, and Aaron. We spent a lot of time together this weekend.

Aaron has been fixing up our website, it's pretty fly:

Alexandria and Aaron hard at work (watching cute animal youtube videos.)

Writing, editing, laying out


The Leviathan (a new band)

Alexandria has big plans.

Rachel = adorable

Rachel and Prescott looking fly.

I love over the shoulder pictures, they always turn out so cool. :P

Dance break!!


Apple Pie

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rock Climbing in the Quarry

We went rock climbing on campus in the quarry! First James rappelled down from a tree to the bolts, attached himself to the bolts, threaded the rope through, and then we had a top rope set up! The climb was really tough, none of us made it up, but we're planning on going back. It's right behind the bookstore!

James took this picture of me from up a redwood tree.

Check out the rest of the pictures:

Climbing in the Quarry


blahhh blaaahhhh

Flaming Strawberry Cupcakes!

For Nancy's 21st birthday Cassie made her flaming strawberry cupcakes. I helped a little but it was all her idea. So cool!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I want to get this haircut.

What do you guys think?