Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cape Reinga

Northern most point of NZ. Definitely could feel some spiritual energy here. 

Stopped at a kauri workshop on the way back. This 'sofa' cost $25000



The bus stopped for 20 minutes by this massive sand dune and gave us boogie boards! So much fun. 

Trekkin up the hill to slide down!



Me (my hat flew off!)

Sand Safaris

A few months ago we took a Sand Safari up to Cape Reinga. 
The day started with a Maori cultural ceremony:

Sam was the chief of the group. He had the hair for it!

I think I missed the memo.

We rode in a bus on da beach!

Brothers on 90 Mile Beach

90 Mile Beach

From a few months ago

Sunset Sheep

I hiked away from the group to spend time with the sheep

This is the most northern point of the south island.

Road Trip

We took a road trip with 5 of the other helpers on the farm up north to Farewell Spit and Whariki Beach, which is my favorite beach in NZ so far - caves to explore, seals everywhere, vast and majestic.

Watched the sunset with sheepies

Sandy beach

Sand art

James out walkin


Monday, December 19, 2011

Fraser Farm

Amber on a tractor! 

Some of the crew - Louie from England, Byron from Michigan, and James from CA.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


A 4 hr trip from the North Island to the South Island, Wellington to Picton!

Huge boat, also carries cars

Lots of languages being spoken here

 Beautiful scenery

There's Picton! So quaint. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paradiso Hostel in Nelson

Nicest hostel we've stayed at. $15/pp per night, but that includes free breakfast and evening soup. 

Other highlights:

Pool and jaccuzzi

Volleyball court and hammocks. (I played doubles with this Maori dude as my partner)


Here are some photos from our two gorgeous days in Wellington, the capital of NZ which is smaller and more quaint than Auckland. Highlights were the Te Papa Museum, Botanic Gardens, exploring the waterfront and seeing the protesters.

Hare Krishnas walkin past

Everyones riding surreys!

Amazing paper sculpture

Protesters living in their tents next to the highway

Open classroom

Train Trip!

Views from the train from Auckland to Wellington.

Lots and lots of sheep! They outnumber New Zealanders 3 to 1.

We stopped in National Park for a half hour for a quick look around.