Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Driving Up the 1

James and I took a day to drive up the 1 and stopped at a bunch of beaches along the way.

Symmetry on the bridge

Funny tree

Awesome beach

In the city!

Pier 39

After Chinatown we headed to Pier 39.

Chinchillas in the aquarium!

Bath salt and bouncing children

Me and Judith in front of Azkaban . . . whoops, I mean Alcatraz

Lazy loungers

Jade piano in a really fancy store. I had to sneak this photo, I'm sure photography wasn't allowed. Everything was super expensive, some bronze statues were like $200,000.

Competing Architects

On Fair Street, there are two very unique houses. One is rumored to be haunted. A woman walking her dog told us that they were two Greek brothers in some sort of architectural competition.

The first house

Creepy at night.

The other house

Bonus photo, from the Jewish Cemetery

4 Mile Beach

A nice day at the beach with Cassie, Kwai, Chelsea, and Charlie!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cameron slacklines

Round House

I got to visit this house. It's round and awesome.

Steps lead down...

Circular stairs

Amazing skylight

The view!

Sweet little porch with swing!

Stairs lead right to the wilderness...

We hiked down here

Such a cool house!

Slacklining in a Tree!!!

If you don't know what slacklining is, here is a youtube video.

Sean certainly thinks it's awesome.

So does James!

So we climbed this tree and set up the slackline 30 feet up, along with a safety line.

So you would clip your harness into the safety line and slackline!

They are rock climbers so they know how to set stuff like this up.
It's perfectly safe, really. Dont worry, mom!



I climbed up and got some different angles.

Pretty sick, right?

So much fun!

Open Studios

Every year on the last Friday of the quarter the Art Department has Open Studios, where students display their projects they've been working on.

This one was interactive - they teach you how to make these little paper stars.


This is my friend who plays the accordion. I am infinitely cool because I know him.

Yeahhh, rock out dude! He knows some Yann Tiersen too!

Then I got mobbed by paparazzi.

My defense tactic was to take pictures of them.

Cool light exhibit


Little dioramas creating alternate versions of places in Santa Cruz

Weird Amber stuff

Final Projects

I got to go see my students' final projects! Here's Carolyns:

They're trying to engage with authors such as Gandhi, Malcolm X, Sartre, Victor Frankl, with a creative project. The theme of the course was "Self and Society."