Friday, November 30, 2012

Massage School

In June of 2012 I did a 12-day Thai Massage School through the Sunshine Network. I heard about it from friends I met at Hariharalaya, the retreat in Cambodia, who raved about this Massage School in Northern Thailand.  As soon as I heard their reviews, I knew I had to go! 

The classes were held outside on this amazing platform. There were 9 of us students, and we all became good friends.

Sveta from Russia is working on Mickey from Chile

An all-vegan diet and accommodation in a small shared cabin was included. This is my good friend Yumi, who I also visited in Kuala Lumpur.

Some girls from the village droppin their gang signs

Our teachers mother who cooked our meals for us

This woman came every day at dinnertime to try to sell us stuff

The village

Cute local kid dressed in bright colors

She loved having her photograph taken


Enjoying coffee at Starbucks, AKA a neighbor's front porch