Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taroko Gorge

After a few days in Taipei with Tessa, we split up for a week. She headed for the urbanized west side to visit family friends, and I meandered to the less populated east side for hiking and adventure.

I took the train to Yilan and spent the night there at a hostel that reminded me of a prison or hospital, so I only stayed there for one night. I woke up early the next day and took the train towards Hualien, but decided to get off at Taroko National Park, a 'place of interest' in my little brochure that I had picked up from the tourist office in Taipei. With my backpack (only 9kg!) I took the tourist bus into the park, and walked for about three hours, admiring the grandeur, and caught the bus to Hualien.

Epic bridge, reminiscent of the ones on New Zealand.

Its hard to capture the scale of it.

See the people walking? They were on the bus with me, I had a nice chat with them.

That little pagoda in the center of the picture is about 2 meters high.


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