Sunday, October 2, 2011

Purangi Winery

We went to the Hot Water Beach in Hahei, where you dig your own hot springs on the beach! It was busy with tourists, but we waited until after dark when they all went home. Then you can lie in your own hot springs pool on the beach and watch the bright New Zealand stars.

There was this cool dude wearing gumboots (because the water was so hot) digging holes for everyone. We talked to him and he invited us to camp in his yard. The next day we visited his winery and ate delicious wood-fired pizza and drank a lot of wine and liquor. The most interesting flavor was the feijoa, which they call strawberry guavas in the USA. He was all about the feijoa!

Outside of the winery.


It was all so delicious!

He cut up a feijoa for us to try too!

We bought a bottle of port. So tasty! And great for puns. Did you bring the port? Its important! Was it imported? Any news to report? Teehee.

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