Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sheepy in Auckland

James took these on our 17K Coast to Coast Hike from the Auckland Harbor across the isthmus to the Tasman Sea. I had to leave early because I was babysitting for a South African family.


Taken from the ferry from Devonport to Auckland. The beautiful orange building is the Old Ferry Terminal. The weird tapeworm structure is called "The Cloud." Auckland City built it with taxpayer dollars to promote tourism during the Rugby World Cup.

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  1. D'awww sheeeeep!!!!

    I learned a funny story today from my professor (so it's true!!) in Stratigraphy (a geo class...). So apparently in Scotland they had a lot of sheep, and some woodland. But they cut down all their trees (for fuel, etc.) and didn't have enough to build their fences. So they built fences out of stone, but they werent very good, and couldn't be built very tall without falling down. The sheep could easily jump over them. So guess what they did? They bred sheep with shorter legs, and it worked! The sheep couldn't jump over the fences anymore.

    Another thing I learned today was that if you are studying whale evolution the place where they entered the ocean from land (remember they have vestigial leg bones?!) is (now) in Pakistan (it used to be near an ocean). So, whales come from pakistan. (they used to be fishing dog-like creatures! Isn't that awesome!)