Thursday, February 9, 2012

Campervan friends!

Gareth, Justine, and Tyler met working at a summer camp in America. Gareth is from South Africa and Justine and Tyler are from Minnesota. They were travelling for 2 weeks in their campervan and we joined them for a few days, camping and cooking together. They had just finished the Greenstone Caples track, which we were to embark in a few days, and were famished when we saw them, so when we shared some cookies with them it seemed as if we had made friends for life.

 Check out thier campervan in front of a tunnel that goes straight through the mountain. It's one lane, there is a traffic light that switches every 15 minutes, which gives you time to explore...

the ice cave! In summertime???

Spider crawling in the ice cave

A crazy canyon called the Chasm


  1. Nice travels Amber keep it up!

  2. the chasm is awesome! Look how the rocks are all smoothed!!