Sunday, July 17, 2011

Amber's Grad Party

McConnells Ice Cream Pie, wowza. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle on the bottom, Oreo Layer, Peppermint Stick on the top, topped with hot fudge and oreo crust and gummy bears to scare away the adults. Thanks Uncle Jimmy!!!

The Youngs know how to throw a party. Check out this dessert table. Three kinds of McConnells Ice Cream (black cherry, mint chip, chocolate raspberry truffle), two ice cream pies (one custom ordered by meee!), cheesecake, and a delicious coconut chocolate creation made by Kelly

So long college! Me and Lily

The Girls!!! Julia, Ajala Poetry Fox (great name, huh!), Kelly, and Kimber

Boys + trampoline = chaos

Family Photo

There was a DJ with music! Also, after food and dancing a few people made speeches about me. It was so sweet! Kind of weird to listen to people talk about you through a microphone. Luckily no one said anything TOO embarrassing . . . Thanks to everyone who could come!

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