Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We went on a super duper fun ATVing trip. It was my mom's idea, she saw an ad in the paper. It's a family owned business started by a newlywed couple. They inherited all of this amazing land just past Nojoqui Falls and they had the brilliant idea to make it accessible for tourists via ATVing! 

View from the drivers seat

My dad making dust storms

He was having a blast.  He would wait for us on the side of the trail, and when we rode up he would rev his engine and race us.

Here's everybody: Camille, a french friend who was staying with us for the week, me, my mom, my cousin Brandon and his mom, and Dad

Spectacular views of the valley

Brandon loved this dog. The dog rode on the back of one of the owner's ATVs.

Nice helmet, dad!

Everyone got to go at their own pace.

I saw the light coming through the trees, dust hanging in the air churned up from the ATVs, and I knew I had to stop. Photo opp!

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