Saturday, June 9, 2012


After a windy three-hour drive from Chiang Mai, we were pleased to find a riverfront bungalow in the hippie village of Pai for $15/night!

View from our room!

There are dozens of bungalows to choose from; we had the nicest one!

The bridges were made from bamboo!

This room was 150 baht (5 dollars!) per night.

Street scene in Pai.

Like everywhere I've been so far in Thailand, Pai has beautiful temples!

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  1. Pai Thailand, you continue to go to these places most of us have never heard of. Thanks for the pics to help us imagine what it's like. Thailand is so cheap compared to australia, it must be a joy to travel there. Have fun with Tessa. OH - Your MOM is HOME SAFE and doing great.