Friday, June 15, 2012

Tessa and Amber in Bangkok!

Our first night in Bangkok, staying with Tessa's friend at their 11th story condominium. 

Here we are taking the passenger ferry. We loved it! 15 baht (50 cents) and its gets you all over the city.

At a market trying some of the weird/interesting/tasty treats. These are like little marshmellowy pancakes.

Fresh fruit everywhere! 20 baht for a pineapple, less than $1

Green jello-ey sweets (didn't like these so much)

Tessa's Thai friend Dorena showed us around the market, talking to the vendors in Thai.

This lady was selling cupcakes, so cute! 8 baht = about 25 cents


  1. I liked the specialized photo tour of Bangkok delicacies!

  2. Hi its me viv ,remember me ��