Tuesday, June 26, 2012

With Darina

It was so nice to stay in Bangkok with Tessa's friend Darina and her family! Tessa met her at UC Berkeley. Darina is Thai but went to university in the USA, just like her 4 sisters!

Here we are with the whole family. They were so nice and took us out to eat at really yummy restaurants!

Their maid from Burma, super nice lady! She took the picture of all of us. Didn't she do a nice job?

View from the roof of her house

This is the street just outside of her house, where there is always a local market happening.

These ladies are making tasty treats out of coconut cream (left) and tiny eggs (right.) We tried some, very soft and moist texture, and the coconut ones are very sweet, like dessert!

Vegetable stand

Kebabs everywhere

Inside these banana leaves is something delicious. Maybe a jello-ey dessert, or maybe some kind of fish. 

Another view from her roof. She lives in a really interesting neighborhood.

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