Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lake Tekapo

And then I got extremely lucky! One major benefit of travelling with James was that I always had a hitchiking buddy. I hate big buses and wanted to keep hitchhiking but I had promised my sister and parents that I wouldn't hitchhike alone. So I sent out my energy to the world: find me a hitchhiking buddy! And the next morning at Geoff and Renee's house, in walks Birgit, a German girl who had just finished working at the Arthurs Pass Cafe. Ta-da! That was easy.

Our first destination: Lake Tekapo!

PS, a note about hitchhiking: I plan to write a detailed blog post about the benefits of hitching around New Zealand when I have more internet time. (It's 3 dollars per hour here.) Let me just say briefly that even though hitchhiking has a bad reputation around the world now, thanks to scary movies and news stories only reporting the bad things about it, it's my favorite way to get around New Zealand. And I am always safe about it, only travelling with another person and trusting my intuition. Its the best way to meet the locals, and its how I met Kristy (see my Riverton Farm post) who is taking me on a week-long road trip starting tomorrow!


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  2. Never hitchhike alone... hey I made it into your blog! Love you, keep your promise!

  3. Grandma and I read your blog just now over at Cooper on a beautiful day. We love keeping up with your trip Amber. Mom will see you in Melbourne soon! I'll email you what the guide book says about backpacker lodges there. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai seem to be the Thailand places to go! love you from DAD