Monday, May 7, 2012

Wanaka again!

I was happy to have a third visit to Wanaka since it is my favorite town in New Zealand! Each experience is different, there are dozens of hikes to go on and adventures to be had. I could spend another year in New Zealand and not be bored - there are so many great hiking and WOOFing opportunities!

 The movie theater in Wanaka is quite unique! We sat in the car. They sell fresh baked warm cookies at intermission. The movie we saw was great too - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, about older English people travelling to India.

 Birgit and I met Grace from Singapore at the YHA, and the next day we all went for a day hike together at Mount Aspiring National Park called the Rob Roy Glacier Track.

Frost on the trail- it was much colder than the last time I was here 3 months ago, when James and I slept in our tent! Don't think I"d do that at this time of year...

 Keas are the only alpine parrots in the world! They are very intelligent and curious, and will steal your food, watches, and anything shiny you leave around if you aren't careful.


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  1. Loved these photos. Going to Marilyn's to discuss your upcoming Thai trip! I'll have to look up where Mt. Aspiring is. I can tell you think NZ is a beautiful country. You look Young and strong in the pictures. Those keas are colorful! dda