Thursday, May 31, 2012

Road Trip!

We soon got out of the fun but overpriced city for a road trip called the Great Southern Touring Route, a loop from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road and then inland to the Grampion mountains and back to Melbourne!

Our trusty van "orb" (Old Reliable Bubbles) took us all the way there! We slept in the back every night in our very warm sleeping bags.

Lots of amazing and famous scenery on the way. Like this lighthouse for instance... what was it called again? Who knows. Oh well.

The gateway to the Great Ocean Road, the largest war memorial in the world. The road was built by World War I Veterans.

We drove up this road to look for koalas, but it was so windy and there were lots of eucalyptus branches scattered on the road! We were afraid of getting a flat tire so we turned around, but we did see a couple!

And even more the next day! This is at the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve.


 Don't they look like dinosaurs?
(Mom says: "Remember how cold it was?")


 They were at all of our campsites!



Can you spot this one?

Morning coffee!

 Uh oh, traffic jam...

This was our hike in the Grampion National Park called "the Grand Canyon!"

 Self timer on a rock. Not a lot of other people here at this time of year. It started raining as soon as we left.


  1. Love the photos of Mom and you! So awesome!

  2. Glad to see you in one amber! Get more two of you shots! You are close to Antarctica in south australia so i bet it was cold. I wonder if Berni had enough warm clothes? You go girls! love dda

  3. yup mom had enough warm clothes nad the good red sleeping bag!